Emergency Training

Emergency Training

Fire safety in the workplace

Reducing the incidence and impact of fire in the community. Always Safe.

To make an enquiry or booking with FES Emergency Training, please contact us via email at training@fes.com.au or phone on 1300 855 163.


Upcoming Courses

Upcoming course dates are listed below. More courses will be added throughout the year.

Fire Wardens Course Dates 2017

The Fire Wardens course runs for 3 hours, commencing at 9am at the MFB Burnley Training Facility.

  • Thursday 27th April
  • Thursday 4th May
  • Thursday 18th May
  • Thursday 25th May
  • Thursday 1st June
  • Thursday 8th June
  • Thursday 15th June
  • Thursday 22nd June
  • Thursday 29th June


Chief Wardens Course Dates 2017

The Chief Wardens course is held over two days at the MFB Burnley Training Facility.

  • Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd May
  • Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th May
  • Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st May
  • Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th June
  • Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th June


Place of Public Entertainment Safety Officer Course Dates 2017

The Place of Public Entertainment Safety Officer course runs across three days. The course is held at the MFB Burnley Training Facility, with an excursion on the third day held at a public venue.

  • Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th and Friday 26th May
  • Monday 24th & Monday 31st July, and Monday 7th Aug
  • Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd Nov, and Friday 8th Dec


Practical Experience

Train hands-on with fire extinguishers, hoses and blankets

Training by experienced firefighters

Businesses, lives and communities can be at risk in an emergency. There is no second chance.

Safety & Compliance

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Australian Standards for emergency planning in facilities place obligations on property owners, property managers, employers and employees. These regulations and standards lead to compliance regimes that help us ensure everyone’s safety, reducing risk to person and property, and aiding emergency responders to assist us when incidents occur.

FES provide a range of emergency management, consulting and training programs to help you prevent, manage and respond to emergencies. In addition to our popular training courses held at the MFB Burnley Training Facility, we provide consultancy and training services customised to your needs and delivered at your premises. Our services are designed according to the Australian Standards AS 3745-2010 and 1851-2012.

Train with experienced firefighting professionals.

FES don’t take short-cuts with training – we provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to stay safe. FES trainers are firefighters working in the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), bringing a wealth of real-life experiences and practical examples to our training programs. When you attend an FES course you can be sure that you are training with the most knowledgeable people in the industry.


Be trained by real firefighting professionals

Training Courses & Consultancy

Our trainers are operational MFB employees with experience in professional firefighting. We deliver hands-on, scenario based training relevant to your workplace and in accordance with Australian standards.


Warden Courses

Our warden courses provide you with the theory and practical skills to respond effectively to emergencies. The warden courses include hands-on practical experience with the use of fire-fighting equipment.

Warden courses are run at the MFB’s Burnley training facility. We can also tailor the wardens courses to be delivered at your workplace where you have a larger group. For more information about the wardens courses, choose the links below:

  • Fire Warden – a 3 hour theory & practical course
  • Chief Warden – a 2 day theory & practical course


Specialist Training and Consultancy

FES provides specialised training and consultancy tailored to your workplace. Services include –

  • Incident response and fire equipment training
  • Practical evacuation – conducting and reviewing evacuations and fire drills
  • Emergency procedure planning and specialist consultations


Place of Public Entertainment Safety Officer Course

The Safety Officer course is a specialist course designed for safety officers at public events. The course is registered with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, and managed .

More information about the Safety Officer course will be available on our website soon.


Contact Us

Not sure which course or service you need? Contact our team for advice by phone 1300 855 163 or by email training@fes.com.au