FES Workshops

One-Stop Fire Equipment Test and Service Centre

FES Workshops provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop for testing, refilling and certifying fire protection equipment.

FES Workshops are quality assured to ISO9001-2008 and are a licensed CO2 test station. The Workshops pick-up and delivery services include:

  • Extinguisher pressure testing and repairs
  • Extinguisher refilling
  • High pressure fire hose testing
  • Fire equipment procurement and installation

Fire Extinguishers

Environmentally safe maintenance and testing

You can trust FES to ensure your fire extinguishers are safely tested and serviced according to Australian standards. The FES Workshops service in excess of 30,000 extinguishers each year, with specialised waste collection, pressure testing and refilling equipment. FES can service all extinguisher types, including:

  • CO2
  • dry powder
  • foam
  • water
  • wet chemical
  • FES Workshops ensure all waste products are recycled or disposed in a manner that is safe for the environment. Waste products from electrical equipment such as lighting, bulbs and batteries are collected and sent to a local recycling company. Waste products that can’t be recycled, such as powder and foam from extinguishers, are verified, certified and disposed of according to regulations and guidelines by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria.

Fire Hoses

Purpose built hose testing facilities

FES Workshops service in excess of 15,000 fire hoses each year. Every hose is subject to a full and accurate pressure/time test as prescribed in the Australian Standards.

Sales and Support

Contact us on 1300 855 163 for sales and support at our workshop services.

Workshops Address:

8 Wigan Road
Victoria, 3153

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 3070
Victoria, 3131